Hi, My name is Kye Peterson. As a professional Skier, I demand a lot from my body!

I work hard, so to recover from muscle soreness I use Massage Therapy and the Vitality Balms. A lot of thought and time have gone into the Vitality Balms, with the correct blend of essential oils to help my body recover......I would recommend them to anyone who wants a natural way to recover from the physical stress we place upon ourselves.... Give them a try, I think you'll enjoy the product as much as I do!


- Kye Peterson, Professional Canadian Skier

As an athlete who needs a regular massage, I'm very excited about Vitality Balms! The consistency provides the perfect balance between hold and glide - allowing practitioners to work deeply as well as soothing tense muscles. Patients will leave a massage without feeling oily or in pain from friction.  I highly recommend trying these for professional and personal use to help you get the most out of your massages!


- Andrew Matthews, Professional Snowboarder www.andrewmatthews.ca

The vitality sports balm worked wonders for me during my massage. I could feel it relaxing the muscles right away. A great product for active people to recover from their daily grind. I like that it goes on smoothly without any tugging on hairs and is 98% natural! Get it on ya folks!

- Callum Pettit, Professional Big Mountain Skier @killahcal 

Thanks Kathryn for your beautiful products, we especially like your sports balm! After a day of skiing or climbing it is our family's go to! 

- Deb Hillary, Private Ski Instructor & Rainbow Medicine Woman www.rainbowmedicine.ca


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