Locally made in British Columbia, Vitality Balms have been created by therapists for therapists. As a Registered Massage Therapist in Whistler for 27 years, Kathryn Lord had tried every product on the market yet still found she required a product that met her specific clients needs. She needed products that assisted her clients in fast muscle recovery, making her job as a therapist just a little bit easier, products that were cost effective with long-lasting performance. This is how Vitality Balms was born.

For those who live active lifestyles or just need relief from chronic soreness and pain, Vitality Balms have everything to suit your specific muscle recovery needs. A range of professional massage balms that are made from the highest quality ingredients, with added essential oils to help promote different effects on the body. ​

Patients love the non-oily feel and the soothing nature of the essential oils. Each product has it own unique, refreshing blend. Only the highest quality ingredients have been chosen, with strict quality-controlled production. There are four key products in the Vitality Balms range. Have a closer look at the product range.

Thank you for trying our Vitality Balms, made for therapists. We know you'll love them just as much as we do! Order now    

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